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Beauty Yaurient reputation

Do a good job of each of our brush products, quality is Beauty Yaurient‘s lifeblood!

  • A R&D team of 20-30 employees

  • 300 skilled employees

  • The annual output reaches 40 million

  • comply with international REACH,ROSH standards

Choosing your brushes
360° surround display
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OEM & ODM Products
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Why Eco-friendly?
How to make our products more environmentally friendly, how to make every detail of our life become environmentally friendly, we are committed to developing and using recyclable or degradable materials, so that consumers can protect the environment with us.
  • Reduced emission of toxic gas, lowered air pollution, shrank ozone hole

  • Mitigated climatic variation and energy waste, defensed threat of Greenhouse;

  • Protected Biodiversity

  • Avoided the destruction of forest area and soil

  • Beautify the environment to satisfy the needs of human life and work

Be our partner

From our first conversation, we will provide you with a rewarding experience of cooperation.

You can just show us an idea and together we can implement it step by step.

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